Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Emergency Report

To the hypocrites who have been accusing me of bias in the performance of my duties as Southern Vice Chair:

I take your accusations seriously, and will work to sharpen my bias in favor of the Southern California membership as a whole. Officers owe the membership an even hand in the performance of their duties. To my knowledge, I have taken no official actions against any member, and have been careful to avoid speaking ill of anyone, limiting my protests to what I believe are violations of bylaws, Robert's Rules, or the non-aggression principal by Party officers in their official duties, always focusing on the conduct without ad hominum attacks. I have not held or consented to any secret trials, moved meetings for the express purpose of excluding members and muting dissent, written new bylaws without the consent of membership, sought to ban, censure or exclude any person by edict or vote, spread falsehoods about activists, interfered with relationships between members, brought any action to a judicial committee, sought to overturn the will of any affiliate as expressed in their bylaws or votes, inserted myself into the internal affairs of affiliates of which I am not a member, or impaled anyone with my pointy hat. All you my accusers have done at least one of these things, some in very recent days.

You will not cow me by your hypocritical attacks into withdrawing my support and affection for good activists and exemplary Libertarians. I will not divert our activism by bringing motions to the Judicial Committee. The members shall decide what is to be done with me or my motions at our public meetings and assemblies conducted in accordance with our bylaws, insofar as Party business is concerned. I pledge my undying loyalty to those who would obey the non-aggression principal and Golden Rule in pursuit of greater liberty and justice for all, and my eternal scorn for hypocrisy, including my own should I be so blind, so help me God or Cosmos.

To all:

Nobody is perfect. Please give me your critical feedback in good faith and not without self-examination. My door is always open to members for private consultation regarding Southern California Party business, if you will only ask. Be well.

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