Saturday, December 2, 2017

Vice Chair Report Q4 2017

December 2, 2017

We in the movement for liberty in the Southland are fortunate to have many bright lamps to talk about. I apologize for having to be so brief, due to press of other business and the lack of a speechwriter.

One of the bright lamps is in Santa Barbara, where Chair Pro Tem  Brandon Morse is organizing a convention set for January 13 at the Rusty Pelican, 270 Stork Road, Goleta CA 93117 starting around 6 PM. That’s when students are coming back from break so an opportune time. Brandon is looking for pocket constitutions, libertarian brochures, and other friffage for political outreach. If you would like to contribute I can put you in touch with him. Let’s give Santa Barbara County a very warm welcome from a long absence, and show up on the 13th with our hearts and wallets open.

Chuck Hamm and Aaron Starr are kicking it in Ventura County with the recall campaign.

Tim Ferreira is running for Lt Gov. and had a successful fundraiser about a month ago. His campaign just kicked off, already he has raised five figures. He has some interesting first hand insight into how deregulation in the Energy industry led to a better environment. He is serious, a center line libertarian, and has gathered a strong team. Please take a moment to check him out at Tim2018.COM right now.

I hope that you will move today and recognize that the body would vote to do the same, as you endorse his campaign.

Nicholas Wildstar is continuing his campaign with freshness and flair. I’m enjoying following his campaign. You should check out his website at and endorse him, too.

Our own Kevin Shaw has won acknowledgement from the U.S. Justice Dept., Jeff Sessions of all people, for his fight against free speech restrictions at CSU Northridge.

There has been no news from San Diego to my ears. Riverside and Orange and San Bernardino have been going about their business. I wish I had time for a fuller report.

The JC opinion in Dovner v. LPLAC continues to sow destruction and danger in LA County. I pointed out key concerns in my last report. Briefly, there are allegations and credible evidence that the JC held a secret trial and colluded with officers to deny those under attack the right to represent themselves and confront their accusers. These are serious issues. We should all be concerned about being complicit in any political attack under the guise of Party justice. Our reputations and our Party are at stake. For some of us, more than our reputations.

I asked you in my last report to reach out and listen, to understand one another instead of attacking. Some civil discussion has happened, but not enough in LA County. At least one officer has escalated attacks on those perceived to be weak. Attacks have raised serious threats to the safety and well-being of members, not to mention risk of legal liability. Business meetings have been rancorous with no bridging of differences. Officers have resisted calls to investigate alleged misconduct.

If it were up to me, this body would repudiate the JC opinion that has driven so much of the friction in LA County. It has no moral force, and came out of a corrupt process. I would repudiate not only a single opinion but the pattern it reflects. That pattern being repeated abuse of Party offices and Bylaws to attack our members. I will not be complicit in it. Details are not a fit topic for a Vice Chair report. If you have questions, contact me. I am sorry I could not be with you today to discuss in person. Reach out to the members of Alive Free Happy who have been targeted. Listen, learn, and respect your fellow laborer.

See you next time.