Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liberal, Conservative, and The Libertarian Purpose

Liberal/conservative is a statist shibboleth that distracts the masses from the reality of power politics exercised against the welfare of the individual and against the welfare of the human species.

The emerging true political divide of our time (if not of all time) is between tolerance and aggression; between live-and-let-live and the will to dominate others.

We in the LP are among the few who are awake to the real game afoot. No matter how many Libertarians are elected to office, if we fail to awaken others we have failed in our mission. We should not be measuring success by statist paradigms, but by the degree by which society is awakening, rejecting the very statist paradigm in which we (as an organized political party) operate, and replacing it with a paradigm of non-aggression. Our purpose is to destroy the reason for our existence as a political party organized in compliance with the diktats of the state.

Just my humble opinion.